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A confidential and focused conversation to bring clarity to your Purpose and Meaning

You desire more of yourself - be it your career or your life goals.  

The 'optimism' factor is only one small part of the equation.

You want to reinvigorate your inner drive and to deepen your power to maximize your human potential.

You connect with people regularly from all walks of life - whether in your personal or professional life.

You believe possibilities are within your reach.

Discover how to establish the Relationship Competencies that impact your business success and bottom line.

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    Complaint Assessments and
  • Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Conduct initial fact findings and determine the nature of the complaint with options to facilitate 'mediation' or conduct a 'formal' investigation.
  • Conduct effective investigations.   
    Mediation/Conflict Resolution:
  • Attempt to assist the parties in disagreements so that they can hear one another and attempt to reach an agreement.  Assist the parties in a process of seeing a compromise or a mutually agreed outcome.
   Workplace Restoration:
  • To re-establish positive working relationships with the parties after a major conflict or a formal investigation regarding Human Rights or Non-Human Rights issues.
    Fostering Workplace
    Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Create a Diversity and Inclusion action plan that is reasonable and achievable for organizational integration into Human Resources policies and practices. Assist in the identification of barriers and opportunities for improvements.  

  • Strengthen cultural competencies
  • Explore and minimize unintentional biases


    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    • Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

    • Workplace Violence Prevention



Welcome to HR Diversity Solutions.  We make a positive contribution to 'diversity, equity and inclusion'. In this time of social change, leaders recognize that the 'feel good' strategy does not work and want to benefit from meaningful dialogue and commitment to progressive change.

Our products and services are custom-designed to meet your environment, keeping in mind important factors such as confidentiality, neutrality, sensitivity to issues.

Every individual will explore their most influential vocation - their purpose and meaning  - while navigating a greater understanding of issues, values, resolution strategies

Every individual will discover cultural competencies for their personal and professional contribution and achievements.

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Email:  janetnaidu@rogers.com

Website:  www.hrdiversitysolutions.com

Please call to discuss your requirements and options to meet your organizational culture and requirement.


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